Database disk image is malformed

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SQLite database users also face different errors leading to corruption. One of the most common errors or corruptions which SQLite users face is SQLite database disk image is malformed .

In ArraySuite, sometimes users might see database disk image is malformed error while loading a Land.

Malformed image.png

This indicates some local cached Land *.db or *.cli files got corrupt, to solve this error, please navigate to the corresponding Land folder:

Gtex landfilde.png

Regarding this database malformed error happened on GTEx_B38 Land, it’s likely some local db files got corrupt, we can navigate to GTEx Land folder, as shown in the snapshot below, under C:\Users\WinUser\Documents\Omicsoft\ArrayLand\Omicland_443\GTEx_B38 directory, there are several *.db files.

We can rename or delete the whole GTEx_B38 folder and re-open that Land in ArrayStudio, that would trigger re-downloading everything for the target Land. Alternatively, we can iterate through thos *.db and *.cli files to locate which one got corrupt.