Database disk image is malformed

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SQLite databases occasionally face different errors leading to corruption. One of the most common errors or corruptions is SQLite database disk image is malformed.

In OmicSoft Suite, sometimes users might see database disk image is malformed error while loading a Land.


This indicates some local cached Land *.db or *.cli files was corrupted, so will need to be refreshed to match the server copy.

To solve this error, please navigate to the corresponding Land folder on your computer, and remove (or rename) the Land folder.

GTEx_B38 Example

If you observed this error when opening GTEx_B38, navigate to GTEx Land folder using Windows Explorer,

under C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Omicsoft\ArrayLand\Server_Name\GTEx_B38 directory, where UserName is your Username, and Server_Name is the name of your OmicSoft Server installation.

There are several *.db files in this sub-directory.

Simply rename or delete the whole GTEx_B38 folder and re-open that Land in OmicSoft. All required files will be freshly retrieved from your Server, and you can browse the Land again.