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Create A SampleSet of All Samples in Selected Comparisons


From any Land View where a set of pre-computed statistical comparisons can be selected, you can generate a ArrayLand SampleSet that includes every samples used in one or more of the comparisons. Use this SampleSet to filter down expression-level Views, or quickly export the data underlying comparisons of interest.


1. Select one or more comparisons

BubblePlot.png From the Comparison Distribution View, Comparisons Bubble Plot, Comparison Correlation View, or any other plot of Comparisons, use the mouse to select one or more comparisons.

2. Click "SampleSet From Comparisons"


3. Fill out SampleSet metadata fields

SampleSetMetadata1.png SampleSetMetadata.png

How to use Comparison SampleSets

Once you have created a Land SampleSet, you can filter down sample-level plots (like sample distribution, Gene FPKM, mutation status) by whether a sample was within a comparison, was used in a Case group, or in a Control group.

You can also quickly download all data for the selected samples with DownloadLandData.pdf.