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Correlation Engine



The Correlation Engine is a fast and easy way to integrate the different "Omic"-data types found within the Land. In this view, users can quickly query the top 10-2000 pairwise correlations with input data from a single gene. The calculations are performed on the OmicSoft server and are completed within seconds.


For example, users could the top 100 mutations that correlate with FGF2 RNA-seq expression status:

Function menu correlation.png

This view is dynamic and can be used with the metadata filters. For example, filtering the above example to Tumor Type of SKCM (Skin cancer), will update the view to find the correlation of fgf2 expression and DNA-Seq derived Somatic Mutations:

Example correlation.png

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As shown in the picture above, the resulting output will be divided in two windows: (1) The correlation table, which shows the specified number of results, sorted by significance of correlation and (2) a view that plots the input data on the x-axis (in this example, RNA-seq expression of FGF2) and target data on the Y-axis (in this example, mutation status (1 for yes, 0 for no).

Correlation Table

Clicking within the window with the correlation results will instantly update the view on the adjacent panel. In the Correlation Table window, users will see columns for the MutationID, correlation statistic, dbSNP ID (if present), and gene name). For more details of the correlation, users can click the "View Correlation Table" at the bottom of this view.


As you can see, this view has additional columns that will provide useful information as to site of the mutation, as well as the type and consequence.

Correlation View

This view allows users to visualize the correlations found in the Correlation table. The input data (queried gene) will be plotted on the X-axis and the correlations plotted on the y-axis. As in all other views in land, this view can be customized using the Task tab of the view controller on the right side of the screen.


Correlation engine example #1: negative correlation between methylation and expression in BRCA


Correlation engine example #2: amplification at the ch19p13.2 NACC1 locus vs NAC1 overexpression in OV


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