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Some views require Inference data to run. One common view is the volcano plot. For example, users may want to generate such a view from ComparisonSet analyses. Comparison Sets can be downloaded to local analysis simply by going to:

Download comparisons across.png

In the Analysis tab, there will be a new Table view generated from this comparison data. Users can simply right-click on the Table data and select the option to Convert to Inference Report:

Convert to inference option.png

The columns of the new table will be listed along with automatically generated Mode data. Users can double-click and adjust these settings using the drop-down menu available. In addition, there is a Group column that is generated. Enter the comparison used to generate the inference report here. Finally, make sure the “Generate VolcanoPlot view” is checked:

Change mode.png

Click OK and you have now successfully converted the table to an inference report and can generate additional views with your new table: