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==Useful Links==
==Useful Links==
* [[ Information on applying for an eRA Commons account]]
* [ Information on applying for an eRA Commons account]
* [[ NIH issued the Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) Policy]]
* [ NIH issued the Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) Policy]
* [[ dbGaP authorized access]]
* [ dbGaP authorized access]
* [[ EGA authorized access]]
* [ EGA authorized access]
[Category: Introduction to Land Content]
[[Category: Introduction to Land Content]]
[Category: Controlled Access]
[[Category: Controlled Access]]

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Many consortium datasets (such as TCGA, GTEx, and TARGET) include "controlled data" or "restricted data", and some entire consortia projects are restricted. OmicSoft Lands can support controlled data, but these controlled data are safeguarded by specific data archives (such as EGA and dbGaP) and are only provided to qualified and approved investigators. To get access to these restricted data, researchers need to submit an application to the appropriate data access committee (DAC) and provide proposals as to how the data will be stored and analyzed, and what research questions will be addressed.

dbGaP archive requires each external collaborating side to file an independent application to their corresponding signing officer within their institute.

OmicSoft strictly follows data policies defined by each data provider, and only share genomics results with partners under the terms defined in the data co-application.

If you are interested in filing a data co-application with OmicSoft to access controlled access data with your Land subscription, please e-mail to get a data application instruction package.

Useful Links