Control run or not for each Oscirpt block in the pipeline

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User can create server and oshell pipeline using Oscript.

In each analysis block, user can control ON/OFF using /Run=True or /Run=False. It also allows User to have complicated logic, such as examples below:

  1. Begin NgsQCWizard /Namespace=NgsLib /Run=((true & false) | (false & !true));
  2. Begin NgsQCWizard /Namespace=NgsLib /Run=((true & false) | (false | true));
  3. Begin NgsQCWizard /Namespace=NgsLib /Run=((true & !false) | (false & !true));

2 and #3 will run and #1 will skip.

One example of using these logic is for ReportPairedEndFusionGenes with control using Macro:

Begin ReportPairedEndFusionGenes /Namespace=NgsLib /Run=(@RunFusionMap@ & @PairedSamples@);