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Connecting to OmicSoft Server from OmicSoft Studio


In the Server tab, you will see a dialog with the following fields:

  • Server Name: A name to help you remember the purpose of the OmicSoft Server
  • Server Address: An IP Address or server name, with Port, for your server.
    • By default, tcp connections are expected
    • If instructed to use the HTTP ports for standard communications, be sure to put http:// at the front of the IP address, and specify the proper HTTP port (provided by your OmicSoft Server admin)
    • User ID: An identifier such as your corporate ID, e-mail address, or other ID provided by your administrator
    • Password: Your password to log in. This will be provided by your adminstrator. See the Passwords section below.

Additional options that your administrator may instruct you to enable:

  • Automatically logs into server on OmicSoft Server start-up: If you always connect to a specific server and want to automatically login on launch of the software, enable this option
  • Automatically connect to the last used analytic server (if it exists): If your organization has a "Master/Analytic" server configuration, enable this to automatically connect to the same analytic server you used last time.
  • Server requires user authorization: Most OmicSoft Server installations require a username and a password set in OmicSoft Server, or your organizational ID/Password. However, some onsite installations have been configured to automatically log you in with your computer ID, and will not require a password. In these cases, you can uncheck this option.
    • Click Find it out! to check, if you are unsure


Most OmicSoft Server installations use credentials set within the server software by your administrator. After you have logged in, you can change your own password with Manage Users.

Some installations use your "Active Directory" or "LDAP" login, and you will receive a warning if you input the wrong password. Use your organizational credentials.


Invalid password

When connecting to the server, if you see "Invalid password", check that you input the correct password set for your OmicSoft Server login, or ask your administrator to reset your password.

But I unchecked "Server requires user authorization!"

Your server is actually configured to require username and password; this can be checked by clicking Find it out!

Failed to authenticate user (UserName). Please note that your account may be locked by your organization if maximum number of retry attempts is reached

Your server is configured to use your organizational "Active Directory" or "LDAP" login. Most likely, you want to use the same password used for logging into your computer, e-mail, etc.

But I unchecked "Server requires user authorization!"

You may have entered your previous LDAP password, then unchecked "Server requires user authorization", then your LDAP password expired and changed. You should click the checkbox to enable the Username/password fields, then update to the latest password.