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Every Statistical comparison in a Land will be assigned a "Comparison Category", which provides a convenient way to identify the comparisons that are of most interest to your research, depending on whether you are looking for disease-specific signatures, treatment response, tissue expression patterns, etc.

Recognized term ComparisonCategory displayed in land Definition
Disease vs. Normal Disease vs. Normal Comparisons of diseased tissue vs normal tissue (includes comparisons of tumor tissue vs adjacent normal tissue from cancer patients or tumor tissue from cancer patient vs normal tissue from healthy donor, in OncoGEO)
Disease1 vs. Disease2 Disease1 vs. Disease2 Comparisons of samples from 2 diseases (includes comparisons of cancer samples vs disease control samples, disease subtype1 vs subtype2, diseased samples vs disease control samples)
CellType1 vs. CellType2 CellType1 vs. CellType2 Comparisons of 2 different cell types
Treatment vs. Control Treatment vs. Control Comparisons of a treatment applied to patients or cells vs a control (control can be untreated patients/cells, vehicle control treated, vector control treated, etc.)
Treatment1 vs. Treatment2 Treatment1 vs. Treatment2 Comparisons of one treatment vs another (in general applied to the same type of cells or patients with the same disease, but not necessarily)
Responder vs. Non-Responder Responder vs. Non-Responder Comparisons of patients or cells that have a positive response to a treatment (could be response, complete response, etc.) vs patients or cells that have a negative response (no response, progressive disease, etc.). .) Also includes varying response to therapy: therapy resistant vs sensitive (eg. cART therapy).
Tissue1 vs. Tissue2 Tissue1 vs. Tissue2 Comparisons of 2 different tissues
Healthy vs. Control Healthy vs. Control Not in land, not used so far
Resistant vs. Sensitive Resistant vs. Sensitive Comparison of patients or cells resistant to a specific drug vs sensitive to the same drug
Genotype vs. Wild Type Other Comparisons Comparisons of a specific genotype vs wild type in animals
Genotype1 vs. Genotype2 Other Comparisons Comparisons of a specific genotype vs another in animals
Phenotype1 vs. Phenotype2 Other Comparisons Comparisons of 2 different phenotypes (includes ER status, PR status, HER2 status, etc., In OncoMouse includes also tumor vs normal or non-tumor from animals with the cancer disease). In DiseaseLand, common examples include mutation status, histopathology, menstruation phase, etc.)
Disease Stage1 vs. Stage2 Other Comparisons Comparisons of 2 disease stages (includes cancer grading, TNM stages, etc.)
Dosage1 vs. Dosage2 Other Comparisons Comparisons of 2 dosages of the same drug applied to cells or patients
Strain1 vs. Strain2 Other Comparisons Comparisons of 2 different animal strains
Other Other Comparisons All other comparisons that cannot be included in the ones defined above (includes comparisons based on gender, smoking status, genetic subtype, histology, age range, ethnicity, etc.)