Common ArrayServer Issues

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Q: ArrayServer job hanging/freeze on one step for a long time

Usually, the issue associated with file downloading. ArrayServer will download necessary annotation and reference files from Omicsoft if the server does not have them. In Linux, Mutex files are used to handle files used by multiple users or processes. If the same mutex file is own by other users (e.g. caused by switch users to run ArrayServer), the server job will try multiple times to replace the file, and causing the job hanging on this step. The solution is to stop server and check/empty all mutex folders then restart ArrayServer.

Q: I updated ArrayServer, and see an error like An exception was thrown by the type initializer for Omicsoft.Charting.DefaultColorRotator'

Recent ArrayServer updates require explicit specification of the libgdiplus mono library, within the mono installation config file. Add a line to the mono config file, as described here, to resolve the issue.