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ArrayServer.cfg configuration in Option Section

Default value = None

Specify additional options for PBS and SGE scripts. Use "|" to separate multiple options, such one below

ClusterCustomOption=[oalign]-l virtual_free=10G,h_vmem=10G,mem_reserve=10G -P long | [obigsummary]-l virtual_free=15G,h_vmem=15G,mem_reserve=15G -P long | [osummary]-l virtual_free=3G,h_vmem=3G,mem_reserve=3G -P long | [obigalign]-l virtual_free=12G,h_vmem=12G,mem_reserve=12G -P long | [ohugesummary]-l virtual_free=30G,h_vmem=30G,mem_reserve=30G -P long

The ClusterCustomOption can also be set to a particular analysis step, such as

Begin SummarizeVariation /Namespace=NgsLib /RunOnServer=True; 
Project TestProject;
Data TestProject\\NgsData;
Options  /MinimalBaseQuality=13 /MinimalMappingQuality=0 /MaximalDepth=250 /MaximalIndelDepth=250 /CoefHomopolymerErrors=100 /MinReadsForIndels=1 
/ParallelJobNumber=100  /ThreadNumber=2 /VariantThreshold=0.50 /ClusterCustomOption=-l virtual_free=8G,h_vmem=8G,mem_reserve=8G
/DisableIndelCalling=False /GenerateIndividualReport=True /OutputFolder="/outputFolder";
Output Samtools;