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How to check when a project was added to a Land database

With every update to an OmicSoft Land, new data become available to enhance your discoveries.

In Project-focused Lands such as HumanDisease, OncoGEO, etc., the data are from thousands of different studies that have been curated and reprocessed by OmicSoft scientists. To discover the latest projects (or show only projects from a previous release), you can use the "OSLandedDate" and "OSModifiedDate" project filters.

OSLandedDate indicates the Land release where a given project was added to the repository. OSModifiedDate , if later than OSLandedDate (and 2019R1, when this column was added), indicates that this project was updated after initial Landing.

How to filter for only the latest projects

In the Samples, Projects, or Comparisons Distribution View, or any other View with the Projects metadata filter tab: 1. Click the Project metadata tab


2. Expand the Misc Information | OSLandedDate filter, and either deselect individual release versions, or right-click and select Check This Only


How to identify the release of a given project

1. Select either a sample or a project 2. Click the + symbol in the metadata details window


3. Select Project metadata. Metadata for the selected projects are displayed. 4. scroll over to the OSLandedDate".


Why isn't Project metadata available for a Land?

In some cases, a Consortium database such as TCGA doesn't have separate "projects", so the data were curated at the sample level only.