Check List for ArrayServer Migration

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When there is a need to do a server migration, such as moving server to new location or migrating from Windows to Linux, please contact Omicsoft support to plan ahead. Below is a recommended check list before and after server migration.

Before Server Migration

  1. Check ArrayServer.cfg and find the important folders:
    1. Location of ArrayServer.cfg file ArrayServer.cfg
    2. Location of mono directory Getting_Started#Mono_6
    3. Location of sqlite directory Getting_Started#SqLite
    4. Location of ArrayServerLinuxBeta executable file Typical_way_to_update/restart_ArrayServer#1._Find_directory_to_mono_bin_and_directory_to_ArrayServer_executables
    5. Location of Lands directory LandDirectory
    6. Location of base directory BaseDirectory
  2. Install linux packages Getting_Started#Install_Array_Server_On_Linux
  3. Sqlite installation – record final location of (i.e. /opt/sqlite/lib/ ) Getting_Started#Sqlite
  4. Set ulimit Getting_Started#Setting_ulimit
  5. Download and Install Mono version Getting_Started#Mono_6
  6. Download and install Libgdi Getting_Started#Libgdiplus
  7. Edit mono config to point to libgdi plus Getting_Started#Libgdiplus
  8. Download Array Server Getting_Started#Installing_and_Configuring_Array_Server
  9. Download and update configuration files Getting_Started#Download_and_Update_Configuration_Files
  10. Configure Array Server ports and open firewall to those ports Getting_Started#Open_Firewall_Ports

After Server Migration

  1. Additional Customizations: ServerProjectsDirectory, FtpRootDirectory
  2. Additional Customizations: Add (or copy existing for migration) sample.template and default.template files