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Array Studio and Land exports images at a standard resolution of 96 dpi. However, there are several ways to generate a final image at a higher resolution.

Option 1: Resize an image without resampling

Array Studio exported images will be the same size as the View from which it was exported. In other words, to export a larger image, make the Array Studio/Land View as large as possible before exporting. Adjust text size for labels before exporting.

Then, using a photo editing program, resize the image without resampling to achieve a higher-resolution image, and save in a lossless format (e.g. TIFF or PNG, but not JPG).

For example, in Adobe Photoshop, click Image | Image Size, then change the resolution to 300 pixels/inch, but uncheck the option Resample Image:

Photoshop ResizeImage Menu.png

Photoshop ResizeImage Window.png

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Option 2: Export the View as Editable Powerpoint

Select the Powerpoint button for the View, and select Open Current view in PowerPoint (Editable). Then, save this image as a Windows Metafile.

Powerpoint SaveWindowsMetafile Window.png

This file can be opened in vector graphics software, such as Adobe Illustrator. After editing the View, the file can be exported as raster images in a variety of formats, at the specified resolution.

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Option 3: Change Powerpoint Export Image Resolution

If you are comfortable editing your computer's registry, you can follow the instructions here to change the export image resolution from Powerpoint.

When you export to Powerpoint then save as an image, it will be at the specified resolution.