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CRISPR (ProbeSet Level)


This view shows the log2-normalized fold change for the specified gene, organized by group (e.g. Primary Site). After searching a gene, a user can select this view to determine the fold change of all single guide RNAs (sgRNAs) in a CRISPR gene dependency screen. As an example, the view below shows the log2 fold change values for sgRNAs targeting the gene ESR1 (Estrogen Receptor):

CRISPR Probe View.png

Note how there are multiple charts available for this gene in this view, corresponding to the unique sgRNAs targeting ESR1. Users can quickly identify the cell lines that have a strong dependency on the gene of interest, and in this view confirm that multiple sgRNAs that target this gene show similar dependency:

CRISPR 4Probe View.png

Clicking on a cell line in the view will populate a details table that can be exported by the user:

CRISPR Details.png

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