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This view shows the Gene Dependency score for the specified genes in the same plot, organized by gene on the y-axis and Gene Dependency score on the x-axis. After searching two or more genes, a user can select this view to browse Gene Dependency scores in a CRISPR gene dependency screen. As an example, the view below shows the Gene Dependency values for MDM1 and MDM2:

CRISPR MultiGeneVariable.png

View Usage

The values shown in the view will be Trellised by the Gene Dependency Algorithm used to generate the Dependency scores. Metadata can be used to filter down to tissue or cells of interest. For example, if a user wanted to identify which Wnt signaling genes are required for the survival of skin cancer cell lines, a full list of Wnt Signaling associated terms can be searched, and using the filter for Tissue Category of "skin", we can identify a handful of genes that fit this criteria:

Wnt multiCRISPR.png

In this view, selecting the dots that are below a threshold, a user can quickly populate a data table of all the genes (and associated sgRNA fold change values) and cell lines and browse the underlying data: