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This view shows the Gene Dependency score for the specified genes in a heatmap, organized by genes on the y-axis and samples on the x-axis. After searching two or more genes, a user can select this view to visualize how 1) Gene Dependency scores correlate among various genes in a CRISPR gene dependency screen and 2) how similar various cell lines may be.

View Usage

The CRISPR Gene Dependency heatmap may be useful to a user looking at a large gene set and wanting to visualize all the data in one view. As an example, the view below shows the Gene Dependency heatmap for breast cancer lines for genes associated with ESR1 (Estrogen Receptor):

CRISPR Heatmap.png

Samples are colored in green on the bottom to identify cell lines that are dependent on ESR1 and blue for cells that do not require ESR1 for the tumor cells to thrive. Looking at the heatmap above for genes whose expression is correlated with ESR1 expression in TCGA, a user can ask how essential each of these co-expressed genes may be to the cell. For the cells that seem to require ESR1, they also show a dependency on other genes, including FOXA1, GATA3 and ROPN1, suggesting these may be alternative targets to treat this form of cancer.