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Browse NGS Coverage Data for Selected Samples in Land

In OmicSoft Lands, you can select samples of interest with NGS data (such as RNA-seq), then open these data directly in the Genome Browser.


Search for a gene of interest

In most OmicSoft Lands, NGS data are available for exploration in gene-level Views like the Gene FPKM View.

You can select individual data points to select the samples to open in the Genome Browser.

BrowseSelectedSamples SelectSamples.png

Click Browse Selected Samples

After selecting one or more samples, click Browse Selected Samples, which will pop-up a window indicating available data.

Most commonly, RNA-seq BAS files or fusion BAS (BAM summary Files) will be available, but internal Lands can also be linked directly to available BAM files using BamFileName, BamFileName_DnaSeq, BamFileName_DnaSeq_Exome, etc.

BrowseSelectedSamples Menu.png

Select one of the available options to view the data in the Genome Browser.

BrowseSelectedSamples GenomeBrowser.png