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Welcome to the OmicSoft Suite Wiki,

Your source for reference documentation and tips on using OmicSoft Server® and OmicSoft Studio® software products.

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We are currently editing over 1,843 wiki articles.

Recent New Articles

-03/02: Expression Intensity Probes.DetectionSummary
-02/21: LocalOnly
-02/18: Introduction to Blueprint Land Content
-01/21: SingleCell - Multi-Gene Expression Violin Plot
-01/05: Scaling Land Text Dump RNA-seq FPKM values to TPM
-12/28: Error: Failed to download from an Omicsoft URL
-12/24: UpdateAllCloudLands
-12/22: CellClusterDistribution
-12/22: SingleCell - CellMap (Expression Overlay) View
-12/22: SingleCell - Gene Expression Violin Plot
-12/17: SampleComposition
-12/14: CellMapBrowser
-11/19: What does "unknown error (0x2af9)" mean when connecting to OmicSoft Server?
-10/16: OmicsoftUpdater error SendFailure (Error writing headers)
-10/11: BuildOsp2FromTxt

-10/01: Land metadata curation - aging
-09/27: Introduction to TRACERx Land
-09/25: CCLE GTEx TCGA Virtual Land
-09/24: SolidTumors Virtual Land
-09/24: Connecting to Server
-09/04: Exon Data table
-08/14: Variable MetaData
-08/11: AWS Cloud EBS storage logic
-08/10: How to load bam files from external into OmicSoft RNAseq pipeline
-08/10: DisconnectFromServer
-07/31: How to resolve unequal plot heights in trellised plots
-07/28: Check when a curated project was added to a Land
-07/24: Mount drive
-07/06: How to back up Land SampleSets
-06/21: Sort trellised charts by P-value

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