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Welcome to the Array Suite Wiki,

Your source for reference documentation and tips on using ArrayServer® and ArrayStudio® software products.

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We are currently editing over 1,824 wiki articles.

2017 User Group Meeting

Thanks to all who attended the 2017 User Group Meeting. Presentation slide decks can be found here, videos of the presentations will be made available soon!

Recent New Articles

-07/31: How to resolve unequal plot heights in trellised plots
-07/28: Check when a curated project was added to a Land
-07/06: How to back up Land SampleSets
-06/21: Sort trellised charts by P-value
-06/17: Create SampleSet from Comparisons
-05/12: Comparison Categories
-05/06: TxtDump Land Time
-05/05: UnstackTableFile
-05/05: UnstackTableFile.pdf
-04/21: Kallisto Merge Python Script
-04/21: Recovering OmicSoft Studio Settings
-04/21: Dockerized STAR Index
-04/20: EScript Syntax Updates
-04/20: General Purpose ExternalScript Pscript
-04/20: External Scripts with Dockers

-04/14: Viewing novel exon junctions in the genome browser
-04/14: Build Project Land from your own OmicSoft Project.pdf
-04/10: Introduction to GTEx Land Content
-03/03: RnaSeq Transcript.MeanVariable
-03/03: Expression of a gene set in Lands
-03/02: Survival view in analysis tab
-02/05: VariableSet
-01/16: Configure mono for Array Suite v10.1
-01/14: Controlled Land Data Access
-01/14: Introduction to BeatAML Land
-01/14: Comparison.DiseaseVSNormal.Heatmap
-01/14: Move coordinates to OmicData
-01/14: MicroArray ColoredScatterView
-01/14: EnableAWSSpot
-01/14: ENCODE Enhancers and Promoters

PS: Recent Edited Articles

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