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Array Studio is a software package which provides state of the art statistics and visualization for the analysis of high dimensional quantification data (e.g. Microarray or RT-PCR/Taqman data), genotype data (e.g. SNP or Copy Number data) and Next Generation Sequencing data. It provides the fastest, easiest and most powerful solution for "-omic" and "NGS" data analysis on the market. More than 400 features have been implemented based on feedback provided by industrial and academic users.

Array Studio provides an integrated environment for analyzing and visualizing high dimensional data. It is convenient in organizing and visualizing data with its Solution Explorer, which organizes each project into two main sections (-Omic data and Table data), as well as different folders:, QC, Inference, List, Cluster, Text, Attachments and other categories. The Solution Explorer can contain multiple projects, and data can be shared among projects. Each view is controlled by a View Controller, which performs view customization, applies filtering, and displays legends; Furthermore, its interactive visualization technique provides the details of data with the Details Window and the Web Details Window.

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