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Array Studio is a native Windows application, so OmicSoft recommends either running on a PC, or using software such as Parallels to run Array Studio in its "native environment".

However, OmicSoft also provides a "Mac" version, using Wine to run Array Studio directly on OS X.

Tips.pngIf you updated to MacOS Catalina or Big Sur, you should instead use the Catalina-compatible OmicSoft Studio app.



Step 1:Download Array Studio for Mac

Users can download ArrayStudio Launcher for Mac; ArrayStudioLauncher.dmg can either be directly opened with DiskImageMounter, or saved to your desktop and opened later.

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Step 2: Move to the Applications Folder

Move the ArrayStudioLauncher app from the DMG Window to the Applications folder:


Warning.png WARNING: If you attempt to launch ArrayStudioLauncher directly from the DMG window, a number of error messages will pop-up, and Array Studio will not launch.

Step 3: Launch Array Studio


After you move ArrayStudioLauncher to Application and double click to open, you may get following message due to Apple's latest certificate issue:


Click OK. Then you can RIGHT click and open ArrayStudioLauncher and you will get another message:


Once you click "Open". The software will launch. For future runs, double click should also work too.

Mac version is self-updating, so you should only have to download the software one time (unless otherwise instructed). Whenever there is a new version online, it will update and download updated library. Click "Install" if you see a message below: