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Array Server is an enterprise solution, allowing users to store, share, search, and integrate their microarray/SNP/CNV/NGS projects and data. Easily share analyzed data with clients and colleagues. ArrayServer allows user to generate multi-project visualizations and charts, including analyzing SNP CNV, and Microarray data together. ArrayServer also host shared genome browser.

Array Server supports any number of high dimensional platforms, including the same platforms supported by Omicsoft’s analysis solution, Array Studio. Search by meta data (project name, disease area, etc..), as well as search-by-gene functions allow the end-user to quickly hone in on their area of interest. Users can even profile their genes across multiple studies, or visualize multiple projects across platforms via Omicsoft’s Region Analysis. Simple meta-analysis can be done across projects as well, to find regions or genes that can be considered significant across multiple projects.

Optionally, institutions can purchase access to Omicsoft's fully analyzed GEO dataset repository. These projects have been fully analyzed by Omicsoft's statisticians and scientists, and are provided to the institutions (and hosted locally on their server), allowing integration between the institution's data and the public data. This is a subscription service, so as more data becomes available to the public, it becomes available to the institution as well.

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