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ArrayLand is OmicSoft's solution to manage and deliver large Omics data. It is built up based on OmicSoft File System (OFS), which stores data in database files and different layers of indexes for gene/markers and samples.


Land Data

Land Data stored in ArrayLand consists of three parts:

  1. Data: it is a gene/marker * sample matrix.
  2. Design: these are sample specific meta data, including sample, subject or project level data.
  3. Annotation: these are gene/marker specific information.

Each part is stored as database files and indexed by ArrayLand. Land data are hosted in ArrayServer. Based on the ArrayLand technology, the user can quickly extract Omic data for a certain gene or a list of genes across all or subset of samples. Once the user generates new data, he/she can append these data to Land data incrementally.

Land Visualization

ArrayLand provides a set of predefined views to visualize Omic data, including:

  1. Survival curves
  2. Variable views for gene expression and copy number
  3. Gene profile for isoform expression
  4. Genome browser views for copy number segments, RNA-Seq and mutation data
  5. Integrated views between Omic data measured from different platforms for the same sample

ArrayLand Collection